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Eye, eye!! Imagine having make up that does not rub off, or sweat off during the day, exercising or on a night out! This is what I wanted.  Fed up with my brow make up sweating off and I looked like I only had one eyebrow, or a brown mark on the side of my face!

Only one thing to do and after building up my confidence and doing a lot of research I decided to take the plunge and get my eyebrows tattooed. Some people where horrified when I told them but there is a lot of misconception on the procedure.
I am a regular at ‘The Attic Spa’ in Grimsby, Lincolnshire and when I knew that they performed the semi permanent make up I decided to put my trust in them.
I arrived at the spa and was greeted warmly and asked to fill in a form asking medical and other details.  Numbing cream was then applied and then Charlotte came to speak to me. She works from ‘The Attic Spa’ and other areas around the country and her business
is  ‘Features Beauty Limited’.
Charlotte discussed how I wanted my brows, what colour I wanted and shape.  I explained I wanted them quite dramatic and quite dark. It was explained that it would need at least two sessions and a space of a few weeks between.  I mentioned that I was going on holidays in a few weeks and so it was decided to wait until after due to fading in the sun.
Once the colour and brush strokes were decided it was time to start. I was a little nervous but put totally at ease and I was amazed that I did not feel any discomfort. This first procedure took around two hours.  I was charged £200.00.
I was told to keep my brows dry, not wear make up and allow the brows to heal naturally. They looked amazing the first five days but on the Sunday I got up and looked in the mirror and horror of horrors it looked like I had lost half of one eyebrow! I admit I slightly panicked (Okay, a lot!!) but remember being told this was part of the process. They did miraculously return!! How does it do that?
Because I wanted the darker look I was advised to get my normal brows tinted before going on holiday.
On return I had an appointment booked and headed back to the spa.  Again with a brilliant welcome and care and this time it was around one hour for a top up treatment.  Again no pain and again delighted with the brows. This session was £100.00.
The brows settled well this time but have developed scabs which is part of the process, but difficult when it looks like you have a terrible condition! Scabs are starting to drop off (Lovely!!) and I can not wait until I can get a proper shower and wash my hair properly again, instead of in a tiny stream of water so as not to get my brows wet.
Some parts of the brow has faded as the scabs fall off but I now understand some how magic happens and the brows will reappear!!

The Attic Spa, Abbygate, Grimsby
01472 722444


Do you fancy having semi permanent make up? Have you had any?
What are your experiences?  Let me know xxx

Remember when it rains look for rainbows 🌈

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses ✨💋


All photographs, unless stated, are copyright of Lorna Liza 

(Make up picture Pexels Free Photos)

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