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Well it is that time of year when the Queen announces her honours list of notable worthy people in the country. I am hoping that this year it will be mainly filled with those who have the most important jobs, the people who have kept this country going through the global pandemic. Hospital workers, shop assistants, care workers and other professions that are often over looked are the heroes of this year. Without them going into the unknown every day and facing their own fears to help others we would be in a lot worse place and they showed us that when the whole world is in trouble it is they who we need the most.

Having said that media has been very important to me and I have used entertainment as a way to get me through the many lockdowns of the year. So many entertainers have entered my home, through social media, streaming, audio, films, books, radio and television.

I decided I am going to be like the Queen and give out my own honours! Lorna Liza’s 2020 lockdown heroes. Well I am a self confessed Drama Queen so I feel I have the credentials!

The first award is, as you already know, a wonderful performer and friend of mine La Voix Straight from the first lockdown La Voix brought us a lockdown cabaret every Friday with her band for as many weeks as she could. She then hosted quizzes and Facebook lives, including a successful cooking show with Rosemary Shrager. She began her Sunday lunchtime programme on BBC3Counties Radio which means two hours of fun and great music that always has me up and dancing. around my kitchen. La Voix brought out a jigsaw and even managed to produce two albums during the lockdown! The main thing has been the Facebook videos that La Voix has produced. Make up tips and reviews are amazing and I joined her makeup classes picking up many tricks of the trade. Her videos are humorous, well thought out and amazingly presented. My favourites are, of course, the ones with La Voix as Liza Minnelli, such as this one! Hilarious fun, Liza in a Visor!! https://www.facebook.com/Lavoixfanpage/videos/711002129846171 If you have not yet joined La Voix’s page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and You Tube then you really are missing out!

The next honour goes to a Facebook friend Debbie Wileman. Debbie is a wonderful singer with a bubbly and infectious personality that just makes you smile. Through the first lockdown she managed a song a day and then moved to around three a week. She has recently just completed the challenge of a Christmas song a day for advent. She manages to sing many different genres but, for me, it is her singing as Judy Garland that I adore. Here she is from the Christmas Advent song a day, as Judy Garland singing a song by John A. Meyer https://www.facebook.com/debbie.saloman/videos/10224052752969329 Please take a look at her videos. I predict big things in the future for this talented songstress.

Humour has been important this year and Jason Manford provided this. I discovered the podcast of his radio show on ‘Absolute Radio’ on a Sunday morning. I catch up on the best bits on the podcast and listen when I go to bed. Jason Manford’s show ‘Curtains’ was the first virtual musical show I purchased in lockdown. This preceded many more musicals and plays streamed during the year. Jason used his Facebook to keep spirits up and held fun quizzes, comedy and songs. He also volunteered to assist in his community in many ways and seemed one of the most working comedians not only hosting the Olivier Awards but was the compare of this years Royal Variety Show which managed to be performed in front of a virtual audience. Jason Manford just seems so full of energy and such a positive person, needed even more this year than normal.

You Tube ‘The Show Must Go On’ has provided many nights of entertainment. There has been many shows including the wonderful ‘Kinky Boots’ and ’42nd Street’. You Tube and Netflix have been my go to this year. Watching retro shows, re-watching shows such as ‘The Fall’ and ‘The Line Of Duty’ and new releases including the wonderful ‘The Crown’, and ‘The Queens Gambit’ have passed many an enjoyable hour.

I would like to finish with a personal thank you to my friends who have conversed with me by social media or sending messages or finding memes to send to each other that just show you are in somebodies thoughts no matter how far away you are. They are my true heroes of 2020 and I Thank you.

If you could bestow an honour on somebody or something that has helped you through this year what or who would it be? I would love to hear your thoughts,

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xx

All photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza

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