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What Is The Magic Number? ~Numbers ~Alphanumeric

What is the magic number?

We have so many numbers we have to remember! Pin numbers, codes, numbers for websites!

When I was growing up the only numbers I had to remember was six digit telephone numbers and when I went to sixth form college I had to remember my three digit locker number and even that took me ages to memorise!

Now the world is number crazy!! Telephone numbers, mobile numbers, alarm codes, bank codes, online codes, codes for credit cards.  Can not remember your pin?  No cash for you today!! Or if you can not remember a pin they send you another code to put in to change your original code that you have wrong!! Madness!!

It was not too bad at the beginning.  Every pass code and password was the same!  It was not long before some had to use capitals, some could only have one number, other two numbers.  A friendly message to say ‘Your account has been compromised please change your password’ fills me with dread!!   It even now often tells you ‘Your password was changed ten days ago!!!’ Arghhh  ‘Why did YOU make me change it!!’.
I can not be the only person that feels under pressure when you have to input your pin to buy an item. It is like having an exam every time you leave the house!

My brain is full of alphanumeric passwords. How many is it that legitimately I should remember just to get through every day life!! Hands up who, like me, always has to go back to the car to read the number plate when needed to put in at parking meters!!  It feels like another test after another, even when I only want to nip to buy a paper and milk!

Apparently there is a memory trick called the phonetic number system.  Looked it up on the internet but got lost after the first sentence! You might be able to conquer it so why not take a look?

Me?  I will be trying to log into my computer!  Now what was my password?  What do you mean it is unrecognised!! Arghhhhh!!!!

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xx
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