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What’s New Pussycat? The Kitty Cafe, Nottingham

Hello! Hope you are keeping well. It is lovely that the weather is starting to get warmer and the sun is making more appearances!!

Have you visited any where unusual recently or a little bit special?  I can honestly say I have.  On Saturday I went with three friends on road trip to Nottingham. Okay, quite normal so far. Although you may not say that had you been in the car with us and heard our conversation! However, when we got there we were we headed to a café. Still quite normal until I tell you it was the Kitty Café in Nottingham!

Kitty Cafe’s are becoming quite popular but this was one of the first in the UK.

Everybody I told asked ‘What is it?’, ‘What do you do?’ and ‘Do you take your own cat?’. I knew the answer to the last one was a huge ‘No!!’ but did not know quite what to expect.

We parked in a car park close by so it as just a short walk to get to the cafe.  It is housed in a large building with large glass windows and the public areas are all on the ground floor.  There is a double door for security to protect the cats, although I can not imagine one ever wanting to leave.  Maybe it is to stop other cats coming in!

There is a till and reception area were we read the rules and signed the code of conduct before using the sterile hand wash and then we were shown to our seats.  You are asked to pay an entrance fee, for the welfare of the cats and then pay for any drink or food purchased. The entrance fee entitles you to stay in the cafe for an hour.

The range of teas is extensive. My friends each chose a different tea and I had a latte. There is also a wide range of food, cake and biscuits.    Each table is provided with a cake umbrella to cover your food from the cats. The teas are presented in gorgeous cat teapots and cups for one.

When we first got there there did not seem to be many cats.  Then your eyes become accustomed see them high on the walk planks, under tables, in hiding holes or just strolling thorough the cafe.

There are waitresses, who are wearing the most adorable cat dresses.  There are also people just looking after the cats, swapping them over when they have had enough, especially the kittens.  There are plenty of scratching posts and a few toys around.

It is recommended that you book as only a limited number can be accepted day for the benefit of the cats.

We had an absolutely amazing time and I would not hesitate to go back.  

Have you visited this cafe or any other speciality cafe? I would love to hear your views.


  Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xx

All photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza

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