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Whitby Goth and Alternative Weekend Event ~ Whitby~Yorkshire

April brings Whitby Goth and Alternative weekend to my diary.
Pirate Mick and I have been going for years, but this year we had not booked anywhere but decided, at the last minute, to attend for a day.
Friday’s weather was terrible so we decided to get up very early on the Saturday. There are two six o’clocks in the day, who knew??
We threw together our outfits at the last minute. I wore a long black skirt, a black bustle, that I had purchased from a previous Goth weekend and have added red ribbon to enhance the frills, a black bra, an under bust red and black corset and a black military tailcoat. I had a small red top hat fascinator in my hair and carried a black rose adorned umbrella.
Pirate Mick wore his tailcoat, shirt, waistcoat, watch, pinstripe trousers and spats. He wore one of his top hats and carried a cane. We both forgot some of the little extras but in the speed we put it together I was quite impressed.
Unfortunately by not staying in Whitby meant we did not see any bands this time.
I adore seeing Whitby Abbey in the distance on the approach drive to Whitby. It is really the most atmospheric building, in all weathers and seasons of the year. It was Whitby Abbey that inspired Beam Stoker to write Dracula.
On arrival in Whitby we headed to the leisure centre and parked the car. Charges were £5.00 for six hours.
We headed first for a drink and breakfast upstairs at ‘The Rifle Club’, Steam Punk Central.
Once revived we looked around the trader stalls in the rifle club. There were many creative and beautiful stalls and people. One of the stalls was ‘Airship Apothecary’, sailing the skies to deliver beauty solutions. All products are made from 100% essential oils and naturally occurring ingredients.
A stall holder we talked to for a while was Michelle Forrest-Beckett. She produces extraordinary, re purposed, fairground oddities.  Each object has a story attached and a tale to tell. Michelle is passionate about her art and such a lovely lady.
After browsing the rest of the stalls we headed across the car park to the ‘Bizarre Bazaar’ in the leisure centre. Here there are two rooms of stalls. A smaller community room with around eight stalls and the sports hall, which had around twenty five stalls.
I purchased some pink latex cat ears from ‘Zhyon’. Every girl needs a pair!! This was a very attractive stall and I enjoyed chatting to the stall holder Brigitte McLean. She told me about Heresy n Heelz the Alternative and Burlesque Fair. This is a fair of up to forty stalls with alternative entertainment. Sounds interesting!
After we had finished browsing we headed across the car park, over the green, across the road, down steps and into the spa. The spa is the main buzz of the Goth weekend.
In the foyer, there are around ten stalls. Amongst them is the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. For those of you who do not know Sophie was killed in 2007 in a horrific attack on her and her boyfriend for dressing alternatively. The foundation aims to stamp out prejudice, hatred and intolerance.
Being classed as ‘different’ and not conforming to the norm, this is close to my heart and I wear my wristband with pride. Want to know more?  Check out www.Sophie Lancaster
Down the hall is the spa theatre with twelve more stalls and along the corridor a Goth bring and buy, raising money for the bat conservation, a very worthy charity.
Back down the hall and down the stairs is the exhibition hall with around twenty five stalls.
The Bizarre Bazaar continues in the Brunswick Centre and all this is for free!!
If you are considering visiting Whitby and are interested in the Gothic or Alternative scene then definitely check on the dates of the next festival and I look forward to seeing you there!
Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xx

All photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza

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